Media Brigade


Media Brigade is a startup lab and design studio with a mission to create meaningful experiences for people.

We do this internally through R&D of new products in the startup lab and externally through services in the design studio. We work with the digital and the tangible, and explore the space where the two converge at the Internet of Things. Current efforts include product design, prototyping connected devices, strategy, branding, mobile app design, website development, and technology consulting.

We would love to hear about your ventures. If you have a problem or challenge that you are facing, we hope to assist you on your mission. If for some reason we can not, it is likely that we know somebody who can. Feel free to get in touch.

Media Brigade was founded by Danny Tamez in 2009. He lives in San Francisco, California, and collaborates with a network of experts based on the requirements of individual projects. Please send inquiries directly via email or twitter. Thanks for stopping by Media Brigade.